Thursday, December 13, 2012

TITOBA.ME Welcomes Mr Shaji John'86 & Mr Sanjay Thukral'86

TITOBA.ME Welcomes Mr Shaji John'86 & Mr Sanjay Thukral'86

Mr Shaji John'86 has joined United Textiles Group in Fujairah. He can be reached at 056-7652676 & email - Mr Sanjay Thukral'86 has joined SPG Middle East LLC. He can be contacted at 055-9715988 and email - We extend our warm welcome and look forward to meeting them soon.

TITOBA Fraternity in Dubai includes -
1976 - Raj Kumar Kak
1983 - Vivek Sharma,
1983 - Pradeep Mehta,
1983 - Raj Kumar Gulati

1984 - Manoj Kashyap
1986 - Shaji John
1986 - Sanjay Thukral
1988 - Harinder Lamba
1991 - Rajiv Gupta
1993 - Jeet Tanwar
1994 - Pooja Dhingra
1994 - Tejvinder Singh
1996 - Kavita Aggarwal
1998 - Ashwin Jain
1999 - Pratishthit Chauhan
2000 - Kshitiz Saxena

2000 - Nitin Kholi
2000 - Manpreet Seera
2000 - Abhishek Jain

2004 - Sharad Diwan

2005 - Rohit Khatri
2005 - Amar Pandey
2005 - Manu Monga
2006 - Himanshu Jain
2006 - Ankit Agarwal

2010 - Deepesh Bansal

Upcoming Events -TITOBA Dinner for TIT&S Director Dr Rishi Jamdagni on 14-dec-12, Incase you have not confirmed your presence, pls let us know asap.

Your participation Keeps us going !!
Kshitiz Saxena / Rohit Khatri / Pooja Dhingra
TITOBA Middle East


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