Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TITOBA On Net features TITOBA Dubai

TITOBA ON NET recently featured TITOBA Middle East, Dubai Chapter on its worldwide Portal and shared the information about TITOBA Dubai activities & get-togethers in its regular Newsletters.

Some Excerpts from Mr Dudeja - Today, I am pleased to introduce to you the TITOBA Middle East - Dubai chapter, which was constituted in the year 2002.

As I have already mentioned, this information has been provided by Mr. Kshitiz Saxena, 2000 batch, who himself was the main person behind this initiative of integrating TITIANS there. He, incidentally, was also very closely associated with the erstwhile TITOBA North Zone [India], when he was in Delhi, before moving over to Dubai. Ms. Pooja Dhingra, 1994, has also played a key-role in building up of the Dubai Chapter of TITOBA. She is always at the fore front of organising TITOBA get-togethers, and, undoubtedly she is the core spirit of the fraternity there.

Currently, TITOBA Middle East connects 13 TITIANS.

They meet informally over weekends, go out for excursions and celebrate festivals together, in the home away from home.

Activities and Updates
TITOBA Middle East organizes various activities in routine. The details of these activities are updated on

Please do check out the blog... for sure you will not close the window for quite some time, and would want to return to it some time soon. It is full of photographs and details of various get-togethers organized out there.

Member List & More Details
We have created a dedicated page for TITOBA Middle East - Dubai Chapter on TITOBA On Net portal. Click here to view the complete list of members of TITOBA Middle East - Dubai chapter on the TITOBA On Net portal. You can also find the contact details for TITOBA Middle East - Dubai on the Chapter page.