Saturday, September 27, 2014

TITOBA Dubai : Yacht Party is back !!

TITOBA Dubai : Annual Get-together
We are planning our annual family get-together on 14-nov-14 (Friday) on the yacht at dubai marina.yacht ride & drinks will be sponsored by an alumni and dinner will be contributed. 

titoba evening @ dubai marina
program : yacht ride + drinks followed by a dinner
date      : 14-Nov-14 (Friday afternoon)
time      : around 5.00pm (will be re-confirmed)
theme   : nautical (whites, blues, turquoise)

* yacht ride + drinks are sponsored by an alumni
* dinner will be contributed
* this is a family event, the whole family is invited
shall appreciate if you can advise your confirmation (total persons) to us asap, so that we can start working.
at present yacht needs to finalized based on projected attendance, followed by negotiation on restaurant.
Kshitiz Saxena