Monday, May 14, 2012

TITOBA Dubai Yacht Party

TITOBA Dubai presents " TITOBA in Style " @ Dubai Marina.
Released Date 12-May-12, Facebook & Internet near you  !  Location Manager - Kavita Aggarwal  ! Cinematographer - Rohit Khatri  !  Costume Inputs - Manisha Saxena  ! Direction - Ankit Aggarwal , Rohit Khatri, Pooja Dhingra, Nitin Kohli  !  Beverage Direction - Ashwin Jain, Jeet Tanwar, Dinesh Dhingra  !  Lastly Kanjoosh Negotiator - Kshitiz Saxena !!


Starring - Rajiv Gupta, Jeet Tanwar, Pooja Dhingra, Kavita Aggarwal, Ashwin Jain, Pratishthit Chauhan, Kshitiz Saxena, Nitin Kohli, Rohit Khatri, Himanshu Jain & Ankit Aggarwal 

Families had great time on the yacht. Kids were really excited to be a part of the cruise. They were everywhere from the Top deck to rear end to the front trunk.

2hrs of non stop fun, sea and views of Atlantis & Burj al Arab. We all had a great time together with Kingfisher, Heineken, Budweiser & Bacardi. TITOBA ho aur raka, bau, dhamija, tyagi ki zikar na ho... ho hi nahi sakta !!


Special thanks to Rohit, Ankit, Pooja, Nitin & Kavita for organizing the event. It was a great experience and we look forward to your active particiaption in future as well.

Pooja Dhingra & Kshitiz Saxena, TITOBA Middle East