Saturday, June 18, 2011

Annual College Magazine - Kriti 2011

TIT&S Bhiwani Annual College Magazine
Editors - Gopal Wadhwa & Sonam Sai Pawar
Kriti 2011 Edition
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The dominos were never rolled, as our destiny was written to produce a noble task for society where a temple of budding souls is emancipated towards right direction. The soul imagination towards serene thoughts is then portrayed in KRITI magazine.

 Therefore the very un-agitated soul of KRITI delivers magnanimous pages of scruples nature of TITians. So this very thought inspired us to do painstaking task from very inception of present academic year. Being the chief we directed ourselves to ascertain the values and thoughts so as to unleash the kaleidoscopic views in KRITI.
Our dream was to drive long distance, as the road map was set, path was established and thoughtfully we stupendously conquered a long way to arrive at destination where we dreamt always. “Never Hide” is the theme of the present issue for what we worked exhaustedly so as to give wings to the imagination of our TITian family. Also this time we eventually tried to break monotonous perception from past many edition and tried contemporary based paradigm for our worthy readers.
At last we praise our Honorable veteran Prof. (Dr.) Rishi P. Jamdagni (Director, T.I.T&S Bhiwani) and Dr S.S. Mahish(Convenor) for giving us opportunity to perform noble endeavour for our institute. We also thank especially to our editorial board team for their prestigious ideas and to the students for their imaginative thoughts.
We hope that this edition will fathom and inject you with exemption to drive you in a way towards glory of persistent mind. We wish you best of luck in near future. Please feel free to offer any suggestions for the improvement of this magazine.
With seasonal greetings & Happy Reading,  
Gopal Wadhwa & Sonam Sai Pawar

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