Sunday, January 30, 2011

TITOBA Pics from Pooja's Residence

TITOBA Dubai Dinner Hosted by Pooja Dhingra'94

Pooja happens to be our Secretary of TITOBA Dubai and is always the forerunner for hosting dinners and parties for TITIANS. She along with her husband Dinesh Dhingra are one of the most courteous , passionate and fun loving hosts.

Abhinav Diwedi'95 was our guest from Canada @ TITOBA Dubai. Dinesh Dhingra hosted a wonderful Bar-be-Que and Drinks party for all the fraternity.

Manisha Saxena organised some In-house Games and Tambola for the TITIANS. Abhishek Jain, Shweta Jain, Kavita Aggarwal, Manpreet Seera and Manisha Saxena were the winners of that game. Next time we will keep some more interactive games for the families.

Rohit Khatri, just arrived from Delhi and could make up for TITOBA. Kavita Aggarwal'96 made the kheer for the party.

Kshitiz Saxena & Nitin Kholi with their families enjoying the lovely dinner made by Pooja Dhingra. Nitin specially liked the Bar-be-Que marination done by Pooja.

Gaurav & Ishleen together @ The Bar. Abhishek & Manpreet having a great time with Rohit & Dinesh.

We missed Ashwin Jain , Jeet Tanwar, Sharad Diwan, Himanshu Jain, Ankit Aggarwal, Pratishthit Chauhan and Vivek Sharma at the party. We would catch them again in the next get-togthers.

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