Thursday, September 30, 2010

TITOBA Dubai Dinner Party Sept'10

TITOBA Dubai Dinner Party Sept'10

Continuing the tradition, Pooja Dhingra(1994) threw another Dinner Party at her residence at Dubai Sports City. As Usual Dinesh Dhingra (Pooja's Husband) was at the forefront on organizing the drinks, food and the lovely bar-be-que.

Dinesh @ Bar-be-Que wearing his signature collection T-shirts from Chandigarh quoting Khule Sher.

The first pics Pooja & Dinesh with Aryaman and the second pic Abhishek with Shweta.

Sada Sardar Gauravpreet with Daru & Chicken and Kshitiz with Manisha & Pratham.

Nitin with Priyanka & Raghav enjoying the show and Kavita Aggarwal with Ashish Aggarwal. Kavita bought return gifts for all the TITANS at the dinner party.

Pratishthit Chauhan with Poonam who came to TITOBA get together for the first time after getting married and Nitin & Gaurav enjoying at Pooja's Bar.

Ashwin Jain could not make up due to illness, however we will catch him soon. Incase you too are based in Middle East or keep traveling to Dubai, do let us know. Its always a pleasure to meet Alumni from TIT&S Bhiwani.


Gopal Wadhwa said...

Respected sir,
With due respect it feels immense pleasure to inform you that T.I.T&S Bhiwani is planning to design a photo album which will contain photographs depicting the life of college since 1943 to till date i.e.2011. So being a member of our college alumni, we request you to please email your photographs to This photographs may be scanned copy and it is desirable that it may contain caption also.
It will be very grateful if you send photographs as soon as possible

Thanking you,
Gopal Wadhwa
Sonam Sai Pawar

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