Saturday, September 27, 2014

TITOBA Dubai : Yacht Party is back !!

TITOBA Dubai : Annual Get-together
We are planning our annual family get-together on 14-nov-14 (Friday) on the yacht at dubai marina.yacht ride & drinks will be sponsored by an alumni and dinner will be contributed. 

titoba evening @ dubai marina
program : yacht ride + drinks followed by a dinner
date      : 14-Nov-14 (Friday afternoon)
time      : around 5.00pm (will be re-confirmed)
theme   : nautical (whites, blues, turquoise)

* yacht ride + drinks are sponsored by an alumni
* dinner will be contributed
* this is a family event, the whole family is invited
shall appreciate if you can advise your confirmation (total persons) to us asap, so that we can start working.
at present yacht needs to finalized based on projected attendance, followed by negotiation on restaurant.
Kshitiz Saxena

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TITOBA Middle East welcomes Mr Vivek Yadav'01

Member Addition : TITOBA Middle East welcomes Mr Vivek Yadav'01
Mr Vivek Yadav'2001 has joined Splash Fashions in Dubai. He can be reached at +971501483979 & Vivek Yadav was the Chief Captain in 2001. We extend our warm welcome and look forward to meeting him soon.

TITOBA Fraternity in Middle East includes -
1976 - Raj Kumar Kak ,1983 - Vivek Sharma, 1983 - Pradeep Mehta, 1983 - Raj Kumar Gulati, 1984 - Manoj Kashyap, 1986 - Shaji John, 1986 - Sanjay Thukral,1988 - Harinder Lamba,1991 - Rajiv Gupta,1993 - Jeet Tanwar,1994 - Pooja Dhingra, 1994 - Tejvinder Singh,1996 - Kavita Aggarwal,1998 - Ashwin Jain, 1998 - Vivek Prakash, 1999 - Pratishthit Chauhan, 2000 - Kshitiz Saxena, 2000 - Nitin Kholi, 2000 - Manpreet Seera, 2000 - Abhishek Jain, 2001 - Vivek Yadav, 2004 - Sharad Diwan,2005 - Rohit Khatri , 2005 - Amar Pandey, 2005 - Manu Monga,2006 - Himanshu Jain, 2006 - Ankit Agarwal

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Sunday, October 06, 2013

TITOBA Brunch + Welcome to Sandeep Dahiya'04

TITOBA Brunch with Director Dr Rishi @ Citymax dubai

We had a small Brunch Party with Director Sir Dr Rishi Jamdagni'76 at Citymax Hotel, Burdubai.

Alumni present in the get-together included Ashiwn Jain'98, Kshitiz Saxena'00 & Sandeep Dahiya'04.

We would like to specially thank Ashwin Jain for last minute decision taken on changing the venue, which tuned out to be excellent. Vote of thanks to all those who could speak to Director Sir directly over phone during his stay. We would also like to acknowledge Kavita Aggarwal's small excurion for shopping with Director Sir.

Appeal from Director TIT&S Bhiwani to all TITOBA Dubai Alumni -
Dr Rishi Jamdagni'76, Director TIT&S Bhiwani plans to build a alumni home with 40 rooms in bhiwani, so that visiting alumni & their families can stay at ease. 

He has already collected a few lakhs for the same and plans to have some contribution from Dubai alumni. Incase you are interested in sending some contribution, however small or big, pls contact kshitiz saxena directly. we are planning to send a small contribution in the name of TITOBA Middle East. 

TITOBA Middle East welcomes Sandeep Dahiya'04

Sandeep Dahiya'04 has joined ADCB Bank in Abu Dhabi as financial analyst. He can be reached at +971-52-8672258 & We extend our warm welcome and look forward to meeting him in Dubai soon.

We have recently adopted a new TITOBA Mantra - 

Friday, September 27, 2013

TITOBA Lunch hosted for TIT&S Director Dr Rishi Jamdagni

Announcement : TITOBA Lunch hosted for TIT&S Director Dr Rishi Jamdagni 

Date : 04-Oct-13, Friday
Time : 12.00 pm
Place : Kshitiz Saxena's Residence, Address - Flat 102, Qassim Sultan Bldg-3, Ghuasis, Dubai (landmark - behind fortune plaza hotel)

Dr Rishi is stopping over in dubai for 2 days and would like to have a small get-together with the alumni over lunch. Shall appreciate if you can cnfm your presence, so that i can make appropriate arrangement's.

Kshitiz Saxena

Monday, July 29, 2013



Heartiest Congratulations to Kshitiz & Manisha AND Rohit & Pooja on their new arrivals. We all at TITOBA Dubai wish the young ones a blessed life ahead.

Kshitiz & Manisha were blessed with a baby boy on 30 June in Dubai. Rohit & Pooja were blessed with a baby boy on 26 July in Delhi.

Its a double dhamaal for the TITOBA fraternity in middle east. Lets plan a get together soon.

TITOBA Middle East 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates